all your genius is ep

by paper forest

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    sean burdeaux- guitar, vocals
    brian scafidi- drums
    patrick scafidi- bass, backing vocals
    joel williams- keyboard

    assorted friends of the Scafidi household- gang vocals

    thanks to Seancarlo Ohlin and Nathaniel Wallace for recording and mixing this

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(free) 02:16


released December 31, 2010



all rights reserved


paper forest San Diego, California

sean burdeaux + friends

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Track Name: deep blue tree
the ocean's gonna eat us up
yea, the ocean's gonna drink us down
you can't keep it contained in the deep blue tree
it's gonna drown the whole god damn town

the rain falls into puddles
the puddles flow into streams
the streams fall down the drains
and the drains lead right to me

the fish'll swim into my shoes
and my shoes'll swim right off my feet
I will try to hide in the dunes
but I will be swept right off the beach

I could be like Noah, man
and I could build a holy ark
but I don't got no need for that
'cause I will come back as a shark

and I will swim until I die
with a mouth full of crazy teeth
and on the day that I finally go
I will come back as a leaf

on the branches of the deep blue tree
on the branches of the deep blue tree
baby, you will know it's me
on the branches of the deep blue tree
Track Name: alphabet
all in all
in actuality
I think you know
what you've been doing to me

and your words are ghosts
as they fall off your mouth
and lay dead on the ground
where they wait to be stomped out

everyone is talking shit about everyone

I lit a match on my tooth
and it burnt the roof of my mouth
I stood right in the door
but everyone, they still got out

I'm too loud when I whisper
might as well be dead when I shout
I'm a thought, I'm a secret, I'm a word, I'm your dead ghost now
Track Name: circles
who knows where we're going?
who knows where we've been?

and when we know, how will we know?