strumfloors, slamdoors

by paper forest

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released June 19, 2006



all rights reserved


paper forest San Diego, California

sean burdeaux + friends

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Track Name: alphabet
all in all
in actuality
I think you knew
what you were doing to me

and I think it's shit
that you knew what I thought
if I wait just a little bit
then maybe you'd back off (you didn't)

everyone is talking shit about everyone

I lit a match on my tooth
and it burnt the roof of my mouth
I stood right in the door
but everyone, they still got out
I'm too loud when I whisper
might as well be dead when I shoot
Track Name: autobiographical cinematography
autobiographical cinematography
it's that movie you wrote about how your life
is so cinematic and check out that acting
yea, well, you're the star now

the plot gets thicker
as you write out the dialogue
and practice your lines in front of the mirror
that's starting to crack up
but babe, you're not ugly
it's just kind of funny how pretty you are
to you

and I know it's getting hard
to find the place between our brains and hearts
and I know it's getting hard to hear
with so many voice and so many ears

and all I have to you is, "Hey, how's it going? Where've you been? How much did you take? And when you woke up did he say, 'Good morning' with a smile on his face?"

yea, you still have a way of making me feel like shit
Track Name: baby duck
when the moon
melts into the sun
I can't wait to say, "Hello"
to you and your sleeping eyes

and you'll try to hide
but you won't be able to
because a flower can't close back up
after it has already bloomed
and I love you
Track Name: feel better
coincidence has a blueprint
and he beat me in the competition
to be, be who I am
and who I'm meant to be
(they say, "X marks the spot", but corn marks the cob)

these stagnant memories
they keep on haunting me
and I see that I regret everything

I'm breaking down my walls
to put up windows
I want to get up
and get ready to go
and it's a fact
that all clocks grow old
we're flying kites
in lightning storms
Track Name: I live in a house
I live in a house
that has fire in the walls
and the boards on the floor
they always creak in the hall

there's a woman in the yard
and two men behind the fence
and a young girl in the closet
who is looking for some friends

the voices in the garage always used to call my name
but they stopped talking to me the night I finally came
there's an angel in the stairwell who always races me down
but there are no eyes in the window whenever I look around

and I always used think it was in my head
but I now I know it's real because a ghost jumps on my bed
he is a brother of mine
he played my tin whistle one night

I live in a house that was shipped across the bay
there's an audience behind me that listens while I play
I heard two girls giggling when I woke up day while they played
and I know that Bridie sees them all
Track Name: oceanic overflowance
the ocean's going to eat us up
yea the ocean's going to drink us down
you can't keep it contained in a cup
it's going to drown the whole town

it won't obey the law of the coast
it's going to wake up every single ghost
and the dunes, they look so close
but they're so far away from me

the rain falls into puddles
the puddles flow into streams
the streams fall down the drains
and the drains lead right to me
Track Name: pass on (danielle mcadams)
(adapted from lyrics by Danielle McAdams)

say hello
to the girl you'll never know
she'll sit behind you while you try to find the difference between
finding love and standing at the center of it all
crying because you lost it, dying because you found that all the people are
just people and they'll always disappear
they're either lost or getting there
and when you fall
who is going to catch you?
who's waiting to catch you as you're coming down?

flip the switch
from dusk til dawn
it's just a freak show rattling on
between the lines
there's not enough
space to fit what the lines left off
so take it with a grain of salt
melt your arms around the thought
that we're really all alone here
trying to steal back to the same old year

when a girl would sit in the back row
and talk about writing her book someday
and how she's going to run away
and she is going to do it
yea, she'll do it if she tries

summertime: it'll make you go blind
with it's glowing and it's going and it's telling you
the sunshine smiles of the passersby
remind you how close we all are to the lie
you told about the broken glass
but if you look close, you can still see the cracks
maybe if you left it smashed, they wouldn't lie to you anymore
Track Name: sky boats
gray clouds were sailing in the ocean suspended in the sky
those hopeful raindrops could see then that they could not fly
cold water swirled as she swam in circles around a tree
the water drained up the roots and fell out the leaves

moist now is the tree's brown dark
as the full gray clouds rain down upon the park
chilled beads stream off the tips of leaves

transparent aerial lungs consistently exhaled
a steady stream of swift, cool breezes across the sails
they plucked the tree's leaves and they fluttered slowly to the ground
colliding with the wet dirt and the rain on the ground

moist now is the tree's brown dark
as the full gray clouds rain down upon the park
subtle gusts show life within the breeze
Track Name: a snail on rollerskates
we spent the day testing the water
so in the night we knew were safe
I prayed the bicycle would go as slow
as a snail on rollerskates

and we explained to each other
what it was that we felt
not a single word was spoken
between our ears or from our mouths

we watched the morning's dark reflection
sleeping in each other's eyes
tired smiles made their way upon our faces
as we leaned in to say goodnight